Gutters and Downspouts

You finally got a safe and secure roof on your home.

You finally got a safe and secure roof on your home. You even picked the right company to install your roof! Now there is just one more essential thing before its complete. Gutters and Downspouts.

You put a substantial amount of money into your beautiful new roof. Your roof is now safe, energy efficient, and has added to your home's value, so don't cut corners and let all that go to waste. Good gutters and downspouts will lengthen the life of your new roof, protect it from wear and keep everything working efficiently.

Why You Need Gutters and Downspouts?
Torrential downpours, hail storms, and hurricanes can all negatively impact a roof. The roof takes quite a beating and gets hit with a substantial amount of water. If you don’t have the proper gutters and downspouts, and don't maintain them so the water can drain off the roof properly, you will end up with bigger problems than you can imagine.

A 10 x 10 roof (though we of course have roofs much bigger) = 100 square foot roof area

Standard rainfall in New Orleans, Louisiana area is 34.7 gallons per sq. foot a year

So for a 100 sq. foot roof, it will endure the abuse of 3,470 gallons of water annually !

If you don't have good gutters and downspouts you will end up with pooling water that can lead to many more serious problems with the integrity of your roof. Make sure you get the proper gutters and downspouts and have the professionals here at JLM Remodeling install them. We will make sure the water will filter down to the ground where it belongs instead of pooling on your beautiful new roof.


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